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Music Production

& learning materials for adult music learners

Iā€™m a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist and music producer based near Frankfurt/Germany and Barcelona/Catalunya. My productions can be found on all major streaming services.

I release music in a variety of genres but gravitate towards acoustic music – Adult Contemporary, New Age and Jazz.

After a few years of producing royalty-free music – which no longer makes sense in times of AI – Iā€™m now changing my focus towards streaming and learning materials.

Currently, Iā€™m working on learning materials for adult learners after having had an epiphany about how to think of music differently. After years of trying to come to grips with Chord/Scale Theory, I finally found a more intuitive way to improvise which works quite nicely for me.

Functional Ear Training

Start to FEEL music

Just Bodhran

More fun than a metronome šŸ˜‰

Intuitive Improvising

No scale drills, no riffs, no licks, no sheet music

Learning materials

Materials for a small fee
Practice & Playalong Tracks, Call & Response Ear Training Tracks


PDF – cheat sheets & witty infographics

Projects I’m currently working on

Funct. Ear Training



Intuitive Improvising


Coming soon

Just Bodhran





Ac. Guitar, Whistle, Flute, Recorders, EWI, Sylphyo, some Piano & Clarinet


Ableton Live Enthusiast

40 years teaching experience

Teaching music since 1983 (on and off)

25 years of music software experience

BiaB and Capella since late 90s

44 years folk session experience

trad german – no dots in sessions… šŸ˜‰

Trained IT-specialist with Master's in educational science & psychology

I’m not on social media – I prefer to make music instead